DSM: Re: RE: Re: Judicial Committee and School Meeting

Connweb\ (walter@connweb.com)
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 12:17:29 -0500

> I'm a little bummed with the vigor and relish with which people have been
> beating on the model the last day or 2 - not that the model and the people
> on the list can't take, of course they can, but that so much of it seems
> abstracted from the actual experience of the kids in the school.

It's always hard to "let go," and I think that's the underlying message from
those who are doing the bashing of the JC, and SVS in general, on this list.
They can't easily let go of their preconceptions. It goes against everything
they've been taught by other, more "traditional" systems. At least, that's
my take.

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