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It came through from the newsgroup loud and clear!

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My name is Greg Dutton and I wish to start an SVS here in
Sydney Australia.
My venture partner - Mark Virtue and I have visited the only
SVS modelled
school in Australia (Queenslands Booroobin Sudbury School) 3
weeks ago.
Their school was very impressive and we anticipate building
an alliance with
them to share ideas and perhaps resources.
We are launching our "Who's interested" night on Monday 23rd
April 2001 and
are about to order the SVS Planning Kit (just awaiting
advice on how to get
the videotapes converted to the Australian viewing format -

In the meantime we would be grateful if anyone could advise
us how to, or
put us in touch with any people you know of, from our
region, (Sydney
Australia) that may also be interested in an SVS start-up.

Thank You

Greg Dutton
Suite 8
3 Holtermann Street
CROWS NEST NSW Australia 2065
Mobile: +(61) 41 1125 939
Fax: +(61) 2 9510 0645
E-mail: gd2@ozemail.com.au

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