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It is hard to imagine the horror in a school shot up, again. Like, people
don't get it. I wonder if at some point we will be forced to see the
problem. Maybe they'll again impose severer disciplines and restrictions.
When will we correctly name schools "social prisons"? Children genetically
are open to a wide variety of resopnses. But how we treat them is how it

So sad,

> people responsible for the schooling of our children are ever more
> vocally demanding the imposition of severer discipline and restrictions.
> ... Graduates are
> often asocial, amoral, and incompetent. A general malaise pervades
> the whole system, from administrators to teachers to students. What
> we have is the typical symptomatology of a system about to collapse
> from obsolescence and irrelevance.

> ["COERCION IS OBSOLETE IN SCHOOLS", Education in America --
> A View from Sudbury Valley, Daniel Greenberg, 1992, P. 16-18.]
> Sudbury Valley School www.sudval.org

<< The children
are crying in more ways than we can imagine. >>

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