Re: DSM: Any DSM in the San Diego area?
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 17:26:59 EST

Dear Jerry,
I am having a little trouble understanding this post. First of all, you have
(or had) discuss_sudbury_model coming to an obscure server. Why? Your
choice, I would think. But anyway, it is not an obscure mailing list, and
gets quite a bit of traffic. I would have guessed that someone who so prides
themselves on being up to date with everything going on in the alternative
schooling area would have been interested in reading this list?

I also don't understand why the Sudbury Valley web site, which does NOT in
ANY way present itself as a clearing house for alternative schooling needs to
link to a clearing house in order for the clearing house to link to it and to
send people to it. If people ask about democratic schools, it does seem like
simply recommending to them is reasonable and not overly
difficult, since that is your main expressed aim, to help people find what
they are looking for? Where am I missing the logic? A one-way link in this
instance seems totally sensible to me.

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