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I am sorry you found my remarks offensive.

I am not trying to be offensive but to state a position that I think is very

Having experience with the legal system of this country I find there is very
little evidence that we have freedom but we live in a system where money buys
what you want, including pardons and laws that give certain groups of
individuals special rights, such a farmers or individuals who choose to get
married and have children.

I am not concerned about people who are dead, nor am I concerned about people
living in dictatorships as I do not believe that the subject of this list has
any relevant meaning to them except possibly for their general education, as our
friends in Russia have so eloquently pointed out.

The point is that in America we do have limited freedoms that, unfortunately,
keep becoming less and less. The question is with those limited freedoms what
can we do to bring up, raise up, or train up, however you want to put it, a new
generation that will work to return more of our basic individual freedoms to all
that live in our country.

John Axtell wrote:

> Hi,
> This is Stuart. Concerning my last post, Alan asks:
> << While I found John's remarks bewildering and offensive, I am utterly
> perplexed at your logic here. How can it be that, just because someone would
> have been executed for their remarks in the past, they are wrong (or at
> least "overstated") now?>>
> Because John's point was that America isn't free. The fact that he is free to
> say that, however, demonstrates that he actually possesses a high degree of
> freedom, relative to people living in other times and places.

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