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Please do not interpret my comments about minorities and special interest
groups as to be limited to people of color, Indians, Mexican, or homosexuals.

I believe the people in this list are really searching, as I am, for a better

When I say minorities, or special interest groups, please take that for exactly
what the words stand for.

Minorities, the way I use it, refers to any group not in the majority. Special
interest groups refers to any group which is not all inclusive.

Gays and Negros are just the ones that usually are on the front page. The
basketball team is a minority group and a special interest group in most
schools. Farmers a a minority and a special interest group always asking the
government to be bailed out because of what nature has done to them or
competition has done for them. Those making over a million a year, under 20,000
a year, on welfare, students, are all minorities and special interest groups.
Some have money to buy political influence some do not.

The point I am trying to get people to see, or to see where I am wrong, is that
there is so much talk about freedom on this list but I see little evidence of
it in the paradigm of the schools that they discuss. I hear people talking
about how much freedom there is in a "Democratic" school but I do not believe
the "democratic paradigm" has anything to do with freedom.

Here, where I live, we are very intolerant of people who believe that the white
race is superior to other races. Our area is not one that is particularly safe
to live in if you express views that are not the same as your neighbors.

I am seeking a model that allows true freedom of thought, action, and deed
without judgment from others and without limitations placed on one student by
one or more other students. The minority of one and the majority of two, or if
one student is significantly larger than the other two, the majority of one and
the minority of two.

How do we ensure that students who come from a family that enforces a certain
moral code, behavior code, or value system is exposed to other systems
different from which they are familiar with, exposed to music they "do not
like" to dances
"they do not like" and to expressing openly ideas others find "offensive" and
then backing down because of the opinions of others rather than a logical
argument being put forth that changes a persons opinions.

John Axtell

Alan Klein wrote:

> Stuart,
> Thanks. I understand your remark now.
> I didn't "hear" John saying that America isn't free. I heard him say that
> some special interest groups (which I inferred from past "discussions" with
> him to be people of color and homosexuals) have more rights than whites and
> straight people do.
> ~Alan
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> > This is Stuart. Concerning my last post, Alan asks:
> >
> > << While I found John's remarks bewildering and offensive, I am utterly
> > perplexed at your logic here. How can it be that, just because someone
> would
> > have been executed for their remarks in the past, they are wrong (or at
> > least "overstated") now?>>
> >
> > Because John's point was that America isn't free. The fact that he is free
> to
> > say that, however, demonstrates that he actually possesses a high degree
> of
> > freedom, relative to people living in other times and places.

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