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You are totally correct. It is the majorities that pass laws but it usually is
because a minority / special interest group has worked to pass the law and that
is why there are so many well paid political lobbyists in Washington. In a
democracy, or republic, it is very easy for a minority group to sway the
majority into voting something that is against the best interest of the
majority but gives the minority special favor.

And just to keep the record straight I am not just talking about gays and
negros. I specifically have in mind the voter initiated and approved, by
majority democratic vote of all those who voted in the State of Washington,
that gives a special raise to teachers and no other state employee. The state
legislature had been fighting this for years. The advertising to pass that vote
was totally paid for by the teachers unions. The neat thing is that the voters
did not bother to pass a tax to pay for the pay increases that now are to
happen automatically every year so I am sure that someone will be able to take
money out of other resources needed by students to increase the teachers pay,
who by the way are some of the best paid individuals in most of our
communities, considering they only work about a half year. Then everyone will
wonder why student achievement goes down while the teachers pay goes up.

This is just one small example of a democratic process that serves the needs of
the special interests at the expense of other state employees and school

John Axtell

Alan Klein wrote:

> Stuart,
> While I found John's remarks bewildering and offensive, I am utterly
> perplexed at your logic here. How can it be that, just because someone would
> have been executed for their remarks in the past, they are wrong (or at
> least "overstated") now?
> John was clearly wrong to assert that minorities have "passed laws in their
> favor that eliminated individuality or individual rights." It is majorities
> that pass the laws, whether it be in the Congress or in a SM.
> ~Alan Klein
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> > This is Stuart Williams-Ley, a staff member at Cedarwood Sudbury School in
> > Santa Clara, responding to John's comments about how both democracy and
> the
> > American ethic are hostile to individual liberty. Throughout most of
> history,
> > John would have been imprisoned or executed for remarks so opposed to the
> > official views of the state. Thus I think John is overstating his case.
> >
> > Stuart

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