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What about the language we speak and the cultural assumptions we make? If
the physical environment is such an issue, what about the more subtle
influences? Hidden agendas are not always hidden because we don't want
others to know about them - sometimes WE don't even know about them. One
reason for diversity in interactions and reflection on our actions is to
help figure out our hidden agendas. I think we have to have faith in
democratic process as a way to keep us honest.

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> Bruce,
> I agree with you. I think we are saying the same thing. I have no use for
> hidden agendas of any kind or for providing some experiences or
> others (within the boundaries set up by the SM). Your second paragraph
> (quoted below) fleshes out my meaning when I referred to "The Environment
> Factor".
> Thanks,
> ~Alan
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> > Call it what you will, "The Environment Factor" sound to me like a
> > Wizard-of-Oz "Exposure Principle" (pay no attention to the educator
> > the curtain!). My point is this: to the extent that adults manipulate
> > students' environment, with the intention of providing certain
> > and withholding others, to that extent the adults are engaged in the
> > of exposure that I criticized in my previous post. Students are hardly
> > dull as not to figure out who put out those initial supplies, and
> > sniff out a not-so-hidden agenda in a heartbeat. At least with direct
> > attempts to expose kids, you avoid those mind games.
> >
> > Of course no one could imagine a school starting with nothing but walls,
> > ceiling and yard. Of course the founders of every school put
> > thought into what the original supplies should be. Again I would refer
> > to my previous post: it's the randomness of those supplies, and not a
> > conscious intent to guide and direct, that counts.

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