Re: DSM: Genes and environment (was: About TCS)

Connweb\ (
Sun, 4 Mar 2001 11:49:15 -0500

I agree that it's foolish to try to outguess what children need
educationally. I also agree that you need to have a place with rooms, some
basic minimal furnishings, etc. to start with, while assuming that what you
start with will almost certainly be changed by the kids themselves. What I
don't understand is why it's important to outguess children on what they
need ahead of time! Why not let them explore their needs on their own
initiative, and help to provide for needs when requested? Why do childrens'
needs have to be figured out in advance by adults? That's the question most
(but not all) educators don't even broach to themselves, in their
intellectual arrogance. Their failure to ask that question is the basis for
an extremely dangerous assumption...that adults must do all the initial,
"important" thinking and planning for children.

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