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For the most part, I agree that generating a minimal web presence is
important as soon as possible. That said, there's one important
caveat...before submitting the site to Yahoo for inclusion in their
directory, it's important that the web site be complete, with more than just
a logo and contact information. Otherwise, they won't include it in their
directory. You definitely want a Yahoo listing, because it's the #1
directory/search engine portal on the web, and it will contribute mightily
to the web traffic that visits your web site.

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> When I put together the Alpine Valley School website a couple of years
> my design included a variety of pieces I wrote for the occasion, existing
> AVS PR materials, and one or two things which I lifted, with permission,
> from other Sudbury websites.
> I agree with Susan that getting the website up and running is a major
> priority. This is not to downplay the importance of content and design:
> they should be very well thought-out. But there's absolutely no reason to
> wait until the website is finished -- since it never will be! -- to get
> something uploaded. Even a minimal website, nothing but letterhead, logo
> and contact information, will provide a web presence and begin to steer
> people to your school. (btw, our website averages around 400 hits a month,
> and is one of our top two sources of new inquiries)
> As for originality, I would recommend the combination I used with the AVS
> website. Even in my "original" pieces, I'd be hard-pressed to find ideas
> that didn't come from some book, website, or conversation (designing the
> website was quite the crash course in PR); the originality lay in how I
> all that together. I often feel as though I'm not very original in
> promoting the Sudbury model, just trying to express what I've assimilated
> in personal and interesting ways.
> Finally, as others have said elsewhere (see -- I can't stop borrowing
> others' ideas! :), there is a *great* deal to be said for generating your
> own PR material: not only will it be more adapted to your unique
> but you and your group will gain invaluable experience from the effort to
> put all this stuff into words.
> Bruce Smith
> Alpine Valley School

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