DSM: Exposure to information

Marko Koskinen (marko@vapaus.net)
Sat, 03 Mar 2001 18:22:12 -0500

No-one is born expert, regardless of genes. To be an expert requires
lots of learning (I don't use word "work" because it is often related to
negative feelings and I consider learning to be possible only via
positive feelings). I would say that genes define 10% at most of the
expertice, and I would guess that 1% is closer to the truth. Secondly
there is infinite amount of issues that people can be exposed to and I
really haven't been able to find out how could anyone define which are
the most important issues to be exposed to. Actually, what makes people
different, in addition to genes, is the fact that we are exposed to
different things, and I would consider this a good thing rather than bad
thing. If Einstein wasn't exposed to math, he might have become "the
best" violinist in the world, or "the best" meteorologist, or "the best"
whatever, or then he wouldn't have. There just isn't any way of telling
that, and there is no way of telling which alternative is the best and
which the worst.

This said, I can't figure what did you mean by exposure. If you ment
external, forced exposure, I think my reasoning shows that there isn't
any rational reason for it and if you did some other kind of exposure, I
would like to hear what it would be.

I believe a Sudbury type of environment is pretty close to an optimal
exposure to different things without coersion.


> I don't really think you can blame genetics or environment for behavior since
> both combine to effect it so much that it is sometimes very hard to tell
> which is responsible for behavior (good or bad). What if Einstien had never
> been exposed to math or Mozart to music? Would they have discovered their
> inborn talents anyway?
> I think exposure is important because without it none of us would learn where
> our true talents lie. Sometimes it is the smallest exposure that opens the
> door for us and leads to the road of self-discovery but at other times, you
> can be exposed to something insaturation and yet have it affect your psyche
> nil. Maybe genetics help guide us and environment exposes us. A combination
> of guidance and exposure helps talent emerge.
> Mary

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