DSM: Sorry about the virus

CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Sat, 3 Mar 2001 16:47:20 -0500

I am terribly sorry about passing on this virus. I didn't know that I had it until I got a message after sending that post to the list, saying that a virus was detected. I thought that my post would be stopped but it wasn't. If anyone needs to get rid of the virus there is a good kak cleaner at this link:

scroll down to 10-30-2000
                       KAK remover (antikak.exe) download and execute

If you need to check your computer for viruses, MsAfee offers a free online up-to-date virus scan. Apparently thousands of new viruses appear every month.


I just scanned my computer and I am finally virus free. I am terrified of passing on another one. I don't want to have to scan my computer at the McAfee site after every email. Does anyone know of any free virus scanners? Or do you have to pay for them all? Can anyone recommend a good virus scanner?

The most humiliating thing of all this was having passed this on to everyone. It really did nothing to my computer but it's horrible when you unknowingly infect everyone. Please accept my humble appologies for this inconvenience.

I think I'll be a little email shy for a while.

Take care

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