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Actually, an even simpler solution is to install an anti-virus program, such
as Norton Anti-Virus, on the email server(s). That's what I have, and it
caught and destroyed the viruses Malc mentioned right on my email server
before they even reached my computer. It's amazing to me how many reputable
ISPs don't run Anti-Virus programs on their email servers as a standard
practice. It's such an easy, inexpensive thing to do. If email server owners
were to do this nationwide, the number of computer viruses that actually
reached users would be almost zero. I guess most of the ISP owners must be
public school graduates!


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> Perhaps the list owner would help here by just disabling/disallowing
> attachments. They can be a major catastrophe and are anyway quite
> In this day and age of unlimited free web space and FTP made easy, there
> no need for anyone on this list to send an attachment.
> Malc Dow
> At 00:20 03.03.01 -0500, you wrote:
> >hello all...just wanted to let y'all know that a message went on out on
> >list yesterday w/an infected attachment. The subject was "DSM:
> >or some variation of that sort. It is said to be the "WScript.KakWorm
> >virus". I would suggest that everybody either install virus scanning
> >software, or upgrade their existing software(update virus definition
> >I received about a half dozen copies of the infected attachment, so look
> >out! have fun...*Jessica Geyer
> Malc Dow
> Berlin

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