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Susan Jarquin (
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 08:58:15 -0800

Hi Cindy,
    I think for now that the content is not as important as getting it
up and promoting it. It has been my experience that it takes up to 6
months to really get out on the web.
    If you are doing it yourself, you can update it as often as you
like. If you have to pay someone, now that's a different story. There
are also a lot of free webpages out there. I would not spend a lot of
time or money on the project, unless it was my own passion. I would bet
money that once the school is up and running, someone is going to really
enjoy that job.
    Below is an example of a free website that I give to people in my

CindyK wrote:

> Hi everyone, I am going to be putting together a website for my
> proposed school. I have looked at many of the other schools' websites
> and I have read a lot of information about the school. I am about to
> read a whole lot more with the much anticipated arrival of my kit!
> Yeah!My question is: How original do I have to be in what I print? I
> know not to copy other's ideas directly. I am just afraid that since
> I have saturated my brain with all the info in the last few months -
> how can I be sure that I won't be saying something in a way that
> someone else has? Does it really matter? I have read Fairhaven's
> FEQ's and I really like the questions they have there. What if I want
> to include the same questions? Then of course, the answers are the
> same too and there are only so many ways to say that the children are
> free. How original do I have to be? Should I spend a great deal of
> effort on originality or is it okay if the material sounds similar
> because it is all the same topic? I have never been in a situation
> like this and I don't know how it all works.Thanks in advance, CindyK

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