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>My question is: How original do I have to be in what I print? I know not
>to copy other's ideas directly. I am just afraid that since I have
>saturated my brain with all the info in the last few months - how can I be
>sure that I won't be saying something in a way that someone else
>has? Does it really matter?

Yes it does.
If you are going to reiterate something, take the trouble to find, or
remember the source and quote the source, after having obtained the
permissions from the authors. I have never yet had a no to such a request.
I have had many thanks for asking first.
On the other hand, if you are a writer, you will be quite used to
assimilating information and reiterating it as your own interpretation, and
that is of course your intellectual copyright.
It's that simple. Anything else is at best lazy, and at worst plagiarism!

Malc Dow

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