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Marko Koskinen (marko@vapaus.net)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 22:57:44 -0500

I've been to TCS listserv for some time (at the moment I'm not) and I'm
currently reading a book by Jan Fortune-Wood about TCS and autonomous
learning. We are currently talking about the differences between TCS and
SVM at our starting group listserv. And I would like to add some of the
RC (Re-evaluation Counseling) to it also, so it's a very interesting
discussion we're having.

But as I've been visiting SVS now for a month, the main point seems
obvious, namely that children are respected and ARE taken seriously. The
other issues about how feelings are delt with or how far the school
society is ready to go in personal freedom or wheter to use common
preference or majority vote decision making are really minor issues. And
it seems that at least in our starting group we are staring to get to an
agreement that there are just some things that we will have to try out,
some issues that we just don't have enough information about to make
decisions about.

And I think TCS is also pretty much about not knowing, as it bases it's
ideas on Popperian philosophy that states that we just cannot prove
anything right, we just can prove something wrong. And if we take this
attitude to a question about wheter some aspects are genetic or not, we
just cannot know, and that leaves us to the conclusion that we must try
to assume that education has something to do with it, because if we
assume that some things are genetic then we easily ignore those things
and don't even try to affect them and I would say that the latter
alternative holds a much bigger risk in it than the previous one.

I think TCS holds a lot of truth in it, but as we know, we cannot prove
it right...

For people who are interested in practical issues about TCS I encourage
to join the listserv and people interested in more philosophical things,
I encourage to read Jan F-W's books.

Marko Koskinen
visiting SVS 'til late April

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