Re: DSM: borrowing some material
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:46:10 EST

Staff members, and other people who know students well, often write letters
explaining why they feel that the students are equipped to do well in a
college (or whatever) setting. That would be no different from a Sudbury
school than from any other school except that there are no quantifications
that can be made.

Sudbury Valley long ago got around the transcript "problem" -- the problem
being that no student from our school had one -- by inventing a transcript
that describes the school and asks the person reading it to speak to the
student to find out what s/he did at school. It works, I think, better than
grades and class rankings. It must, judging from the track records of SVS
students. We always used to do this in letter form; the minute we started
calling the document an "official transcript", and making it look like a form
instead of a letter, all of the colleges seemed to be quite comfortable with
it. Some want more, but they know what they want to ask for specifically,
and it is the student that they ask.


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