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My understanding, from reading the literature, is that an SV model school does not produce any official evaluation of a student, but that a student may ask a staff member to write a letter for the student. The letter is a personal recommendation, not an official one from the school, but I am assuming the staff member is free to air his or her complete opinion of the student.

Am I correct in my understanding? If so, does this sort of thing frequently occur? Does it seem to help?

Todd Robinson

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> Hi, folks!
> Here's my take on the "grades" issue.
> As recently as ten years ago, a case could be made that not having a GPA
> or
> a class ranking constitutes at the very least an impediment when applying
> to
> college admissions departments. That being said, all of the Sudbury
> Valley
> literature states unequivocally and repeatedly that no SVS grad has ever
> been unsuccessful in gaining admission to any college they wish.
> The reason this is so is that colleges (especially good ones) have
> *always*
> placed more weight on personal interviews and essays than any mechanical
> measurement like grades and ranking, and interviews and essays are
> precisely
> the parts of the admissions process in which Sudbury students shine the
> most
> in comparison to their conventionally-schooled counterparts. And having
> gotten to know people like SVS/Yale University Grads Ken Pruitt and Josh
> White, I can see how the admissions officers would be overwhelmed by the
> utter self-possesed competency these people practically have oozing out of
> their ears.
> Now, the reason I said "ten years ago" is because nowadays admissions
> departments are no longer the least bit surprised at a lack of GPA or
> ranking, because so many incoming students, much of them homeschoolers,
> don't have them.
> The ways Sudbury grads have consistently had a better time getting into
> the
> schools of their choice are SATs, interviews and essays.
> Regarding the transcripting question, this is not my area.
> Joe Jackson
> Fairhaven School
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> One area I am very interested in is how "grades" are established and used
> to
> get
> into institutions of higher education and gain grants or scholarship, or
> if
> grades are not used just how does one get into a university and get money?
> I wonder if this could be responded to online as I also have a powerful
> interest in this area. Actually, not so much in translating the work into
> grades, but in putting it into transcript form.
> Sara

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