DSM: borrowing some material

John Axtell (newlife@theofficenet.com)
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:29:41 -0800

 I am interested in learning more about the Sudbury model and would like to
borrow any material that anyone would loan me for a short time.

I am very interested in item 218, "Oral Presentations from Thesis Defenses", and
item 110, "Legacy of Trust".

One area I am very interested in is how "grades" are established and used to get
into institutions of higher education and gain grants or scholarship, or if
grades are not used just how does one get into a university and get money?

I would appreciate borrowing any video or audio material.

As I do not work I can go through the material very quickly and return it to you.

I will gladly pay postage and insurance both ways.

If interested in helping please contact me off list at


Thank you very much.


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