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<< Cindy,

60 Minutes is indeed in the process of preparing a story about Sudbury
Valley. The filming has been completed as far as we know.

Of course one has no idea how any story that any independent
person/organization does will present the school. That is totally up to
them. We hope (and think) that it will be very positive, but certainly are
not issuing any assurances! However, our experience over the years is that
people present Sudbury Valley very positively.

I would imagine it will be on within the next month.

Mimsy >>

These things are always a risk, especially with Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes.
But people who need the information that such schools exist can read between
the lines. I found that out when I was on a national talk show supporting
educational alternatives and homeschooling, with everything rigged against
me. The message still got through and home ed options reported a big jump in


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