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Holly L McHaelen (
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 18:18:01 -0500

Hi Mary,

I'm afraid things got a little confused somewhere along the way... I
believe Elizabeth is in Wisconsin, but there is a group of us in CT that
has just met for the first time to begin planning a school in central CT.
 I think the reference to Manchester came in because I happen to live in
Manchester, and the first meeting was at my house, but the school-to-be
will probably (who knows, really?) be west of Hartford, rather than in
the Manchester area, because the wonderful Greenwood Sudbury School is in
Hampton (only about 30 miles from Manchester in the northeast corner of
the state)-- we don't want to overlap their draw radius, and we want to
locate the school in a more population-dense area.

That said, it would be *great* to talk with you about your/our plans,
share ideas, etc. A lot of folks have recommended to me that I bring my
daughter to Greenwood, because it's less than an hour away, rather than
trying to start another school. Of course I can see the logic in that,
and I *adore* Greenwood, but then again, I'm not acting out of logic, I'm
acting out of a deep conviction that this is an extraordinarily effective
and inspired model of education, and I want to be a part of making it as
broadly available as possible. So, we can certainly talk and see if it
might meet the needs of our groups to collaborate (in process and/or
product), but I would encourage you to still consider starting a school
in the Northampton area-- not because it's easy but because the world
could really use more SV. I tell people I think this might be the stuff
world peace is made of. By the way, I went to Williston-Northampton, and
loved NoHo, and I imagine a SVM school could really flourish there.

Please feel free to email me directly at so we can
work out particulars about talking/meeting! Thanks!

Holly McHaelen

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 15:27:12 -0500 Mary Ryan Thorup
<> writes:
> Dear Elizabeth:
> I live n Northampton, MA and we are considering starting a school
> here. But if Manchester is less than an hour's drive, we would join
you in
> starting a school...Just wanted to let you know there are people in
> Mass very excited about either starting a school or doing a very long
> to SVS!
> Mary Ryan
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> Hi! Thanks for your message.
> I'm just starting the process. I ordered the kit from Sudbury
> Valley this
> week and so now I'm really going to proceed! (It's a little scary!)
> I've
> mostly just read some of the books, talked to a few people at other
> Sudbury
> schools, mainly in Illinois, and garnered a little interest with a
> couple
> of people I know. My main motivation, of course, is the school
> which both
> of my boys attend and which I don't like and don't want them
> attending.
> While another public school may be somewhat better, I just don't
> believe
> in public education anymore.
> Good luck to you! (You can always come to Wisconsin!)
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> From: Alan Gabelsberg
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> Subject: DSM: RE: School in Wisconsin
> How far long are you in the process? I am in the Houston area,
> and I
> have really only just begun my researching process. I am a former
> public
> school teacher who has seen first hand how and why the current
> system does
> not work. I am truly motivated to do something different in my
> field.
> Best wishes to you..
> Laura
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> Elizabeth Parker
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> Subject: DSM: School in Wisconsin
> Hello! I am planning on starting a Sudbury school
> in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Is there anyone else out there
> who is
> interested, or who knows of someone who might be interested? Please
> let me
> know. Thanks!
> Elizabeth Parker

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