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Alan Gabelsberg (argable@swbell.net)
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What is it that most bothers you about your sonís school? (I am interested
in this from a teacherís and a parentís perspective, since I taught 6th
grade in public school for 3 Ĺ years and am now a parent of 2 boys).

Part of my motivation is also to have a better option for my own children to
attend a place of true learning and respect.


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Hi! Thanks for your message.

I'm just starting the process. I ordered the kit from Sudbury Valley this
week and so now I'm really going to proceed! (It's a little scary!) I've
mostly just read some of the books, talked to a few people at other Sudbury
schools, mainly in Illinois, and garnered a little interest with a couple of
people I know. My main motivation, of course, is the school which both of
my boys attend and which I don't like and don't want them attending. While
another public school may be somewhat better, I just don't believe in public
education anymore.

Good luck to you! (You can always come to Wisconsin!)
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How far long are you in the process? I am in the Houston area, and I have
really only just begun my researching process. I am a former public school
teacher who has seen first hand how and why the current system does not
work. I am truly motivated to do something different in my field.

Best wishes to youÖ.


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Hello! I am planning on starting a Sudbury school
in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Is there anyone else out there who is
interested, or who knows of someone who might be interested? Please let me
know. Thanks!

Elizabeth Parker

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