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I am feeling like some kind of dinosaur - I actively encourage the kids to
read, to learn another language (in my case, the kids speak German and I
speak English - they teach me German, my stupid accent just kills them - I
teach them English by just talking it), tell the time, know how to work a
calculator and to know what the calculator is actually doing - to know how
to use the computers here - use the Internet - win at games (!! oh dear!
but who plays a game to lose?). And when the baby is proudly showing me
that he can stand up all on his own, I make it clear I am impressed.
I don't make them do anything except brush their teeth and go to bed. Oh
yes, and to shut up when the noise level becomes antisocial. We live in a
city - we have neighbors. I also tell them that hitting people is not on
and is not allowed - any aggression or aggressive behavior. That whinnying
is no way to get something - just ask for it straight, and take the answer
as it comes.

I sometimes take the older boy to school, and we grumble all the way about
what a stupid place it is and "what are we doing here"? But this is Germany
and if the kids don't turn up at school, the cops turn up at the doorstep
to take them there. Germany is totally primitive in terms of education -
but I guess that comes as no surprise to anyone. Martin Wilke (member of
this list) is thank goodness seriously trying to change the situation in
Berlin - good for him, but I fear the kids will be too old by the time he
gets a school together.
As we prattle away the kids just get older. I wanted the kids to go to
Summerhill, but their dad doesn't want this - he wants the bunker round the
corner, good marks and a has this "Well we all hated school didn't we"
attitude. In a matter of months the older boy will too old to go to
Summerhill anyway - there might be a chance for his younger brother - we
have three years to convince the dad.

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>I believe that offers are OK so long as "no" is always allowed.
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