DSM: Sudbury Schools in an Urban setting (really)

Tue, 6 Feb 2001 15:32:52 EST

Hi all,

If you're seeking the vitriol that this thread degenerated into, please look
for it (and by all means add to it) under "smoke and mirrors."

I am attempting to reclaim the Subject Line of this thread for a discussion
of *Sudbury Schools in an Urban Setting*.

Incidentally, I was able to attend Clearwater School in Seattle this Friday.
It seemed to be in a fairly residential neighborhood, but is actually within
Seattle's city limits. My sense is that their location will be a big asset
to them in their recruitment efforts.

Oh, and Hanna,

Once again, we're on a similar wave length. Thanks for this message:

In a message dated 2/2/01 8:47:43 AM Pacific Standard Time,
Dannyasher@aol.com writes:

<< This is Hanna from SVS
 I grew up in a small very interesting city (Jerusalem in Israel) and I too
 loved to explore the streets and the stores. My kids grew up in Sudbury
 Valley in the woods and loved that. I think that the idea of the Sudbury
 school is important but where it is located isn't really important. Kids
 need freedom to become what they chose to become and they can do it
  Once they know that the important adults in their lives respect them, they
 will use any environment they find themselves in to satisfy their need to
 understand the world around them and to find their own place in it. What
 they actually do is not the issue at all. Therefore, I think that this
 concept can work anywhere with whatever resources are available. Kids only
 need to be trusted and let go and they will find riches in places that
 would find boring to death. I can't wait to see many schools established in
 all kinds of places and see in practice what I feel in my bones must be true.


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