Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools in an Urban setting

CindyK (
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 22:13:26 -0500

> > Hear, hear Prohibido!
> >
> > I'm not going to add my opinion about the specific issue being discussed
> > (it seems to be closed now)- but as an observer, it seemed that
> > most of the
> > responses from other people were immediately defensive. As
> > Prohibido said,
> > "Mistakes are a part of life." We tell kids that, we ought to tell
> > ourselves that as well.
> >

I have no reason to be defensive about the comments that Prohibido made
about the student and the open campus policy, as I have yet to even visit a
Sudbury School let alone live in one. However, I can understand why some
would be driven to defense as even I found her comments to be attacking.
When someone attacks - someone feels the need to defend. The people here
were simply trying to give Prohibido a reason for why this child was
charged. There was a reason. It almost seems to me as if Prohibido was
looking for someone to say that they were wrong. When she didn't get that
admission, she pressed on. As a bystander simply listening in on the
conversation, I found that the tone was set by Prohibido and continued into
a battle instead of a discussion. That's just my view from here. It may
have not been deliberate, because I know that tone can often be
misunderstood on a listserve. It's so hard to pick up these subtleties in
an email.


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