Re: DSM: smoke screening
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 17:01:30 EST


This is Robert from Cedarwood.

Since Prohibido apparently wishes to remain anonymous, I will try to take her
off the hot seat, by giving the details. This sounds like a case I know

So, allow me to confirm for you that the student was indeed charged with
breaking a rule. The particular charge of engaging in "activities which
present a real or potential danger to himself", resulted not from his
"walking home." Rather they stemmed from the fact that the 7-year-old bit
off more than he could handle by "attempting" to walk home. In both cases,
he had become hurt or angered while at school, and took off out of anger. He
was ill-prepared, and probably not fully committed to making the six (plus)
mile walk to his house. On his first attempt, he entered the home of a woman
he did not know - a total stranger to the boy, and the school. Apparently,
he did this at her request, so she could call the school (so someone could
come get him.) That he did not know better than to enter a stranger's home
was the basis for the charge, and, in my opinion, JC would be right in
sentencing harshly, especially if they issued a short-term suspension, and
restricted this child's right to leave campus at all. (The suspension being
necessary in such cases, so that the parents may be notified. Ultimately,
they must be making an informed decision as to whether or not they feel their
child can be responsible for his/her safety at school.)

Ultimately, that was how SM chose to handle this boy. And it was his failure
to comply with that sentence that got him indefinitely suspended. His
parents, incidentally, were very grateful for the way the school handled the
case, but were concerned that their son may not have the wherewithal to
handle being at the school. They chose to seek a traditional school
placement for him, (where he'd be supervised all day,) for the remainder of
the school year. The following year, he reapplied, and was admitted. He had
convinced his parents, and the school, that he could handle himself at the

To my knowledge, he has made no similar attempts at escape. ; )

 As for Prohibido's smokescreening, I believe you were right on the money.

I suppose I can respect the idea of one wanting to post "anonymously" to this
list-serve. But, I think the perceived lack of accountability has affected
Prohibido's reason, judgement, and civility. Please, Prohibido, it sounds
like you are not even attempting to engage in a serious discussion.



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