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Kristin Harkness (
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 11:49:56 -0500


To me it sure looks like any "attacks" came from you! From your earlier
posts on this topic:

"they punished the child to protect the school, essentially ... But whatever
the school decides, It should be able to back it up without
using the children as scapegoats"

"He DID NOT break a rule. They had to look for a rule to charge him with
... Whatever rules the
school has or does not have it is responsible for following those statutes
just as the child is bound to"

"The school didn't look good. The child was finally charged with dangerous
behavior, AFTER the school looked bad. The dangerous
behavior that he exhibited was walking off campus to his home. There was an
open campus policy. He DID NOT break a rule. It was a vague charge at

As Dan Greenberg said, these are serious charges. In response, Joe put
forward facts which made it clear that they were baseless and I, for one,
was glad to hear it.

You certainly have an interesting approach to 'promoting the model'.
Kristin Harkness

>I know this is a private listserve. But cannot we be able to discuss the
>model without attacks or the need to be right? Cannot we speak of possible
>weaknesses in the model at times? Only through bringing things out into
>open can we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes aren't bad. They're
>necessary, and a part of life.
>I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. I invite it. But I see the
>model go much deeper than that.
>I've received private emailes from Russia and other foreign countries after
>some have read the posts on the listserve. Instead of promoting the model,
>some are fighting and becoming defensive about it. Defense is not needed.
>You either see it or you don't.The model speaks for itself. It's about the
>respect and freedom of children. I'd like to see it grow, whatever it
>If we fight amongst ourselves, how can we promote the model abroad? The
>speaks for itself. It's about the respect of children. Let's keep our eye
>on the ball okay. :)

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