Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools in an Urban setting
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 19:48:16 EST

I agree with Melissa who says that little kids aren't stupid and use caution
in new situations and stay close to their parents.
Someone talked about the pain of losing control. I beg to differ. I think
losing "control" does not mean losing touch with your child. It is not a
loss of the relationship at all. On the contrary. Respected children
usually respect their parents and other adults because in stead of resisting
them with all their might they are relaxed with them and thus are open to
appreciate their good qualities (as well as their faults). From watching
many SVS kids it looks to me that while they do walk their own paths they are
also close and open to their parents. One of my favorite things to do is to
watch the parents pick up their kids at the end of the day in the parking
lot. The genuine mutual joy and warmth between the parents and their kids is
beautiful to watch.

Hanna from SVS

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