Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools in an Urban setting

Michelle Patzke (
Sun, 04 Feb 2001 18:15:25 -0600

>I'm not necessarily "passing judgement on the scool". I am, however, hoping
>that the Sud schools take on the responsibilty, via school meeting, the
>or lack thereof. There was no closed campus policy. Therefore, there was
>rule that prohibited the child to leave. He left, repeatedly. It made the
>school look bad to the authorities. The child broke no rule. It was an
>campus to all ages, he left.
I don't know this specific circumstance so I cannot comment. There are,
however, things that some kids can do safely and things that others cannot.
 We do not have a rule about no climbing. People climb all the time.
Sometimes I'll express my fears to the climber. Often they say they're ok.
 I shut up. If, however, they fall on people during their climbing or
break things climbing on things or knock things over falling/jumping off of
what they are climbing on, they are engaged in unreasonably dangerous
activities to people (others or themselves if they get hurt or they fall
off onto people often enough for it to be seen as unreasonable risk taking
as opposed to an infrequent accident) or property. So . . . sometimes
there is no specific rule barring that particular action but the behavior
is still a problem. For example, if you are caught shoplifting on open
campus or mooning people, the problem is what you were doing could reflect
badly on (i.e. hurt) the school and thus the problem is the behavior on or
off campus not the open campus itself. I guess what I'm trying to say is
it is very hard to give advice or say why a certain JC did something
because what JC does is very fact and context based. The School Meeting
also maintains oversight authority over JC and can change what JC has done
if the larger community feels strongly about something. So . . . again,
from my perspective, it is very hard to comment on something where you do
not have the full JC report, the JC record of the person being sentenced
and are not part of the culture from which the JC consequence came.


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