Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools in an Urban setting
Sat, 3 Feb 2001 13:12:17 EST

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<< Please keep in mind that the person that made the statement to certify
 to go off campus is not experienced in the day to day running of a Sudbury
 School, as of yet. I am also thinking like a Mother of small children.
 As a result of this conversation, I would not be in favor of requiring a
 student to be certified to leave campus.
 Does the school meeting decide these types of issues?
 Susan >>


This is a touchy issue these days. I understand SVS has a new rule that
limits open campus to children under a certain age.

I know of one case at a Sud school where a young child left campus to walk
He did this more than once. One time, he was picked up by the police.
After doing this several times, the school suspended him for "dangerous
behavior."(I'm not certain of the exact working here.)
That would have made sense to me if there was not an open campus policy in
But, there was. So, they punished the child to protect the school,

It can be decided to have an open campus, closed campus or anything inbetween.
But whatever the school decides, It should be able to back it up without
using the children as scapegoats.

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