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Hi Stuart!

Thanks for your response. We are going to have to really think about where
we put our school. Sudbury, Ontario is a very spread out place. It's kind
of like the balls in a pool game just after the initial split! We also have
a lot of bugs in bug season. Out in the country, people generally hibernate
during black fly season for at leat 4-6 weeks. Then there's the mosquitos
that drove everyone nuts all last summer because of the wet weather. People
in the country literally didn't go out! And there's the spring bears now
that they've cancelled the spring bear hunt. I'm not a hunter and I don't
even really agree with it but I have noticed a great increase in the number
of bear sightings since it was cancelled. There was a bear at out local
park last year and I had to scurry back home with my two kids! People left
their strollers and everything as they ran for safety. In the fall it's
even worse with hungry bears. I just can't see letting the kids out loose
with those bears out there.

Do any of the other country schools have wildlife problems to contend with?
How do you deal with it? Are the other campus' as free as SVS? I read Free
at Last and I love the open campus concept but I am the most liberal in my
group and I don't even know if I could quite go that far. I want to but
it's such a leap of faith - how do you do it? How free are the other
campus' and is SVS still as free today with kids leaving the grounds at


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> Hi,
> This is Stuart Williams-Ley at Cedarwood Sudbury School in Santa Clara,
> responding to Cindy K's question:
> << For those of you with schools, do
> > you find that the country setting lures them or sends them away? Are
> > there any schools with no space for the kids and how well have they
> > done? >>
> Cedarwood is located in an urban, middle-class residential area, a couple
> blocks from a main commercial street. We have chosen a location that is
> relatively central rather than a rural location that would be distant from
> many of our families. For some of us, the choice is a reluctant one, as we
> would love to have better access to nature. However, even without creeks,
> rocks, etc., our students generally find plenty of things to do.
> Stuart

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