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CindyK (
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:24:20 -0500

      How did your meeting go?
  Los Angeles, California

  Hi Susan!

  My meeting was fabulous! I wrote letters to the editors of both local papers and I had 13 women at the meeting (all the men were at home watching the kids!). At least twelve of them were very interested and I even got one other very dedicated founder and maybe 2 more. I still have to look into the other two. We had a great discussion about the school and we are moving forward from here. We are all flat broke however, as we are all stay at home Moms with our kids and some are homeschooling. As the homeschooled kids are getting older they want to be with more people and their parents don't want them in public schools so there is a great push to get things going. We are also looking into starting a co-op for the interim. I like that idea.

  We have an auction planned for Feb 18. Everyone brings some garage sale items to donate and we auction them off to the highest bidder. Sometimes you can get some good deals and sometimes people get caught up in the bidding. It's quite fun and it's a great way to raise funds for the start up kit. People are more willing to put out money for something in return. At this point I can't even think about all the other money we'll have to raise. We just don't have anyone with money involved. I don't know how the founders of SVS came up with $40,000 between them to start the school?! We just either don't have that kind of dedication or we're just truly broke. :) One of the women at the meeting wants to put on a play. That got a lot of excitement going. She has a place and knows the perfect play. So that should be a fun endevour for us all and our kids can be involved as well.

  There were about 5-7 people who wanted to come to the meeting but couldn't make it. I figure I've got almost 20 people interested in seeing this school become a reality soon. And that was just the first info meeting!

  I'm trying to just take it one step at a time. I told a friend of mine that it's like walking through a bad snowstorm - you just put your head down and take it one step at a time as the snow pelts at you. I'm just taking it one step at a time, trying not to worry how it will all happen. At least now I know that I have a lot of people who are willing to help to varying degrees. Now I have to learn to deligate! :)

  Thanks for your interest!

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