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I am in amazment at the founders of Sudbury Valley
School. What a vision! Thank you all so much for such a wonderful
example. I just got my two books that I had ordered. I checked the
mail at 8pm last night and they were there! I devoured Free At
Last. I stayed up till midnight to finish it. It was absolutely
brilliant. I can't wait to start on Kingdom of Childhood
today. From reading the books it seems like Sudbury Valley is even
more incredible than I had ever imagined. The more I read (and I devour
all reading material like the Tasmanian Devil!) the more I just love the
school. I don't know how anyone could not want a school like this. I
am even more determined to get a school going here in Sudbury, Ontario


I have my first public information meeting this
Saturday and I am pumped with all the info. I hope to raise the $650 cnd
it's going to cost to get the start up kit. I think that having a country
setting with the possibility for children to roam a little is essential to the
school. I would love to find a place with lots of room, full of waiting
adventures. Sudbury is quite sprawled out and it may mean a big travelling
distance for the kids. Is it worth the risk of having people be turned
away by the distance. I just can't imagine a school being quite as
effective with no space for the kids to explore. For those of you with
schools, do you find that the country setting lures them or sends them
away? Are there any schools with no space for the kids and how well have
they done?


Thanks again!



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Dear Cindy,


This is Amy at Diablo Valley School in Concord, CA. I've been kind of
lurking on the outskirts of this list for a few weeks, and I'd like to respond
to your question about location. We also felt that the outdoor space for games
or exploration would be vital for a Sudbury school. Living in one of the most
expensive areas in the entire country, however, made it impossible for us to
find a location that came anywhere near the ideal site at SVS. This has been
quite a cause for concern over the years for founders and staff. In practice,
however, what we've found after being open for four years is that the physical
space is less important than the freedom and structure of the Judicial process.
The kids we have here in suburbia have plenty of opportunities for outdoor
activities. Some do sports through city teams, some do dance, or go hiking with
their family or friends. There is a wealth of opportunity available to them.
Most of the time they choose to do those activities outside of school time or
create in-school corporations to fill the need (i.e. hiking corporation). The
limitations of our school were more centered on indoor space than outdoor. The
need for an area where truly quiet activities can be done is very important.
also, we recently installed a full kitchen, which is a dream come true, and
there is a lot of excitement and involvement in the kitchen corporation to get
things up and running with proper certifications, of course!

Good luck in your site search. It is one of the most challenging aspects of
starting a school of any type. BTW, when we had visits from Mimsy from SVS, she
told us that her experience of visiting Sudbury schools all over the place with
all shapes and sizes, has led her to conclude that a Sudbury school is not the
site, but the feeling that runs through the community and is tangible to her
when she walks in the door.

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