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Wed, 24 Jan 2001 14:39:11 +1100

Joe, I'll do my best. I've upgraded to MS Outlook. I've tried to tell the
program to send plain text to DSM but I don't think I'm succeeding.

Re the kit, by now I'm pretty sure I won't be pursuing the Sudbury model.
This is really for practical reasons and because of our own directions. For
us, Summerhill is a great international beacon showing the way to a new
vision for children and education. At a local level, The Booroobin Sudbury
School is also a beacon. Its light shines strongly because it is closer to
us. I sought advice from Derek and he pointed me in the direction of this
listserve (and he possibly rues the day he did so).
I get the impression that you find me tiresome but I am now trying to dance
out through a suitable side wing. I have long out-stayed my welcome!
It was interesting while it lasted and I thank you for the great patience
you have shown.

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Joe Jackson here.

I would like to put in a big vote for no more html messages. ...

On the subject of the starter kit, ...

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