RE: DSM: dancing

Anne and Theo Julienne (
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:10:28 +1100

To all, from Anne:

I'm feeling overwhelmed, inundated by dancing posts.
I'll apply some technical fixes, but I would appreciate assistance in
getting my DSM participation corralled into "dancing" alone.

Here are the rough rules I'll use:

1. Because I started the dancing thread I feel a bit responsible and try to
read and respond to each post. Exceptions are posts explicitly addressed to
another or ones that seem to be terminating (not requiring a further

2. I hope to continue this commitment to dancing until the thread dies,
that is, until there is no fresh post for 4 days in succession.

3. I'll try to stay out of other threads. If a post is directly addressed
to me I'll reply in a brief, terminating fashion and suggest we carry on
under dancing.

5. I hope this will reassure anyone who finds my sometimes irreverent style
disconcerting. If you want to continue discussing an issue that arose in
dancing, simply rename the thread.

6. I have haphazard access to the computer. I may answer a handful of posts
in one session and then go silent for 24 hours. Please be patient with me.

7. The upgrade to a better email program may have come at the price of
losing a post or two. If you think I've failed to answer your post (even
after 24 hours), try posting it again.

8. Thank you for all the interest and passion shown.

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