Re: DSM: dancing
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 20:29:27 EST

Dear Anne,

Yes, I mean the respect.

Yes, I mean by the post that I will take deep respect and profound regard
where ever I find it. Yes, I will take it in the thousands of traditional
school teachers, who have figured "it" out. The "it" is respect, profound
regard. I have found nothing better than this "it" to offer. And I have found
nothing that is not this "it" that is of much use.

I first saw this "it" from a waiter, when my child was about two. Then I saw
"it" again from a shoe salesperson. (I know, it is kind of sad that it is
rather rare). But what was so stunning was how useful "it" was to my child.
It is near sacred the use a child can make of respect.

I also saw it personally(40 years after the fact), when, 8 years deep in
therapy, I remembered the good nuns. The one who the children loved. The one
who believed me when I said I was sick. Trust me, I will take deep respect
and profound regard where ever I find it.

But Sudbury Valley is 'sui generis' because they have intitutionalized "it".
Are there any other institutions, any, where the central offering is a deep
respect and a profound regard? Are there any other institutions where this is
even a part of what they are about? I am genuinely looking if anyone knows of

Deep Regard,
Bill Richardson

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