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 Thank you for these words of inspiration and the references!!!


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> Dear Folks,
> "He drew a circle that shut me out,
> Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout,
> But love and I had wit to win,
> We drew a circle that took him in"
> Anonymous
> I personally like the notion of never drawing the line
> between "us" and
> "them". And then, of course, we are all us. We are all brothers
> and sisters.
> And also, of couse, we have slipped again the bonds of the
> illusionary
> duality. We have gone beyond attack and defend. We have arrived at
> just where
> Alan Tate just took us - to a constructivist reality. And from,
> and in, such
> a reality we now can create. I only like to go here, because I can
> see so
> much more clearly here.
> From here, Sudbury Valley is not "alternative". It is not
> oppositional
> to anything. Sudbury Valley is 'sui generis'.
> And, of course, everything else is also.
> From here, for me, Sudbury Valley becomes the single notion
> of a deep
> respect and a profound regard for the child. Since there is
> nothing more or
> better that we can offer, and since anything else is of little
> use, I believe
> such regard is curative (though certainly not in the sense of
> being cured).
> But in this sense: if there is "damage", in the children that come
> to our
> schools or in ourselves, we can offer this regard to them and to
> ourselves.
> And such an offering for so many will be so useful.
> Sources:
> For a discussion of constructivist epistomology:
> Michel Focauolt: "The Archaeology of Knowledge"
> Jess Lair: "Ain't I a Wonder and Ai'nt You a Wonder Too"
> For a discussion of the theraputic value of regard:
> Virginia Axline: "Play Therapy"
> Deep Regards,
> Bill Richardson

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