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Joe Jackson (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:07:31 -0500

Joe Jackson here.

I would like to put in a big vote for no more html messages. Some of the
really recent ones have fonts that are so small that I don't want to read
the message. Plain text is faster, more efficient and the font is scaled to
your screen resolution.

On the subject of the starter kit, I would not encourage anyone to get one
if unless they were intending to start a school. It is not necessary to
read the entire starter kit if one just wants to learn about what the school
does and hear the research (case studies) that tells how the model produces
its powerful effect.

Several books available from Sudbury give this introduction effectively.
Free At Last, Kingdom of Childhood and Legacy of Trust are probably a good
starting list. Many folks find videos helpful: 25th Anniversary
Retrospective, SVS on Television and the Japanese tape are all good.

As far as the comment about why the literature can't be whittled down to one
or two books, I think the reason is that a much more in-depth understanding
of the model and history and culture are necessary if one is actually going
to start a school. The best thing a potential founder can do is get some
first-hand experience in one of the schools, but that's not always possible
for several reasons. The second-best thing is to immerse one's self in the

As far as skepticism, I find it an invaluable quality; but to avoid reading
a few books about something one is considering devoting their lives to would
not, IMO, qualify as skepticism.

The stories you are looking for are in these books, and while I care deeply
about this board and spreading the word about Sudbury, I simply haven't the
time to post the stories Anne is asking for in the weight and frequency they
are presented in the books, and to do less than that would be an injustice.


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