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<< > From here, for me, Sudbury Valley becomes the single notion of a
> respect and a profound regard for the child. Since there is nothing more
> better that we can offer, and since anything else is of little use, ....
 This shows a profound disrespect and deep disregard for many many wonderful
 teachers and other educators who have profound regard and deep respect for
 their students within often difficult circumstances.
 If this post is at all representative, then I'm outa here ... fast.


I'm a teacher in the traditional public school system. When I read the above
post, I saw no offense. Actually, I agree with it. I've survived this
system for 10 years and find little redeming value in it. I work at the high
school level, so I see 12 years of repression. It's not a pretty sight.
There are those who have managed to keep their souls in tact. But the vast
majority are in the "game" to compete, please others, forget their passions,
and be led by their noses through life. When he says it's of little use, I
believe that. The only thing that has kept me here is my desire to be with
these children who need respect, even if it's just from one person, me. I
feel no shame or guilt in that. Although, my days in this system are

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