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Anne and Theo Julienne (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 17:10:34 +1100

"The future of Summerhill itself may be of little import. But the future of
the Summerhill idea is of the greatest importance to humanity. New
generations must be given the chance to grow in freedom. The bestowal of
freedom is the bestowal of love. And only love can save the world."
A.S. Neill: "Summerhill: A radical approach to education."

Candy, as the above shows, Neill had more in mind than the happiness of a
few kids. But I agree with you that it will happen one-at-a-time, bit by
bit. BTW I share your cynicism about education for social change, at least
in the sense that education cannot be relied on as a single tool to achieve
an effect. It is important and many perceive it (perhaps naively) as
fundamental. Anne

> Hi Anne,
> One more thought, I am more cynical that you are about the role of
> education in social change. I haven't seen much evidence of schools
> being out front in bringing about important changes. On the contrary,
> schools (at least in this country) have a history of reflecting our
> current or even past social values. I think that A.S. Neill's goal of
> giving a few kids a chance to be happy may be more realistic, than
> dreams of sweeping social change. I am naive enough to think, though,
> that individual kids raised in a free, democratic environment will
> one-at-a-time change the world. Candy

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