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Tue, 23 Jan 2001 00:08:49 -0500


I can see how you have interpreted this comment and can understand your

I heard it a bit differently. I heard the "speaker" saying that, regardless
of the methodological trappings, the essence (the "single notion") of a
democratic school is deep respect and profound regard for children. I didn't
hear the speaker showing disrespect for those who teach in other settings.

I wonder what the original "speaker" really meant!


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Someone said:
> > From here, for me, Sudbury Valley becomes the single notion of a
> > respect and a profound regard for the child. Since there is nothing more
> or
> > better that we can offer, and since anything else is of little use, ....
Anne responded:
> This shows a profound disrespect and deep disregard for many many
> teachers and other educators who have profound regard and deep respect for
> their students within often difficult circumstances.
> If this post is at all representative, then I'm outa here ... fast.

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