Re: DSM: dancing

The Highland School (
Fri, 04 Jan 1980 06:28:16 -0500

Hi Bill,
  As a nondirective play therapist as well as a democratic school
staffer, I have often thought that our school environment is
"therapeutic". However, the notion of "damage" troubles me. I don't
think democratic schools are designed to deal with "damaged" children or
adults. Preventing damage and even healing some kinds of damage may
result from the interactions and freedom democratic schools provide,
however for some "damaged" people, it may be too late or not enough. I
have worked with some children, for example, whose early experiences
with sexual abuse need more one-on-one time (hence play therapy)than I
could give as a democratic staff person. I'm still thinking about this
since I do see many common threads in Axline and Neill. I also worry
that society at large is eager to view democratic schools as
"alternative" and only suitable for those who can't make it in the
mainstream. Candy

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