Re: DSM: dancing

The Highland School (
Fri, 04 Jan 1980 05:54:54 -0500

Hi Anne,
 Sorry I forgot to sign my last post - it's such great fun to interact
that I sometimes get carried away!
  I have no problem with the idea that adults (usually traditionally
educated themselves) are the ones creating democratic schools. I also
have no trouble saying that we have a curriculum which is democratic
living. We can't allow anyone - child or adult - to come in with an
antidemocratic agenda (whether based on religious belief, totalitarian
beliefs, or any other beliefs), and act out that agenda to prevent our
democratic community from the free interactions and respect for
individual rights critical to our survival. We support diversity and
tolerance of different beliefs, but actions must not destroy our
democratic process. Thus, I feel that I have chosen to bring my
children into an educational situation which emphasizes choice, freedom,
and responsibility. When kids are doing "nothing", they are doing it in
a society that values their right to choose - not in a vacuum. Candy

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