DSM: Re: Gatto

Heidi Barker (hbarker@mtaonline.net)
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:53:01 -0900

> In his most recent book, The Underground History of American Education,
> Gatto spends about a 1/2 page on SVS which is quite positive. Dan
> of SVS is one of the people whose 'Advance Comments' appear in the first
> pages of the book (so Gatto obviously sent it to Danny for comments
> pre-publication). I believe SVS may be mentioned in some of his other
> essays as well, but I am by no means a Gatto expert.
> Kristin

Thanks, Kristen. I just finished Gatto's A Different Kind of Teacher and
didn't find any references to SVS. I'll have to read his Underground

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