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Susan Jarquin (
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 06:39:24 -0800

    I want to personally thank you for asking the Hard questions. I'm sitting
over here in my comfy little office with my BIG TOE stuck in the Sudbury water,
with similar concerns.
    I recently read the book, "The Parents' Guide to Alternatives in Education"
by Ronald K. Koetzsch Ph.D. He references Sudbury and Summerhill and others in
Chapter 17 titled Free Schools.
    Presently, my statement is: I want my kids to go to a Free School.
    I am waiting on my Sudbury Starter Kit. My statement may or may not change
with more research.
    I also have difficulties with the idea of not offering courses. It seems to
me that this is a common concern. I think it has more to do with Trust than
anything else. Do I trust my kids to decide what they want for themselves? I
have no problem with other people deciding what they want to do. I am fearful
that I will make the wrong choice for My Kids. What if they never learn to
read? What if they become undisciplined little brats? Sounds like My problem,
    I just really feel that if an error is to be made in a school regarding
coercion, subtle or blatant, I'd prefer an error on the side of NOT coercing
people. In my grown-up life I am faced everyday with people trying to coerce me
and believe me I do not Trust these people. Unfortunately, the kids will have
many opportunities to be coerced.
Susan Jarquin

Anne and Theo Julienne wrote:

> Joe,
> I've seen your sentiment reflected in other posts and also the difficulty in
> including Summerhill.
> Perhaps someone could come up with a creative name for the "Other Schools"
> that Sudbury lists on its site as having features in common with it (and
> each other).
> Here are some (admittedly bad) suggestions just to get the ball rolling:
> Cousin Schools, Sudbury-Related Schools, FICWS Schools.
> We want to call ourselves FreeSchool. We like many features of Windsor House
> which stoutly disclaims the "free school" description. Not an easy one this.
> Anne
> > > Sorry about the Sister School thing.
> >
> > Anne,
> >
> > I, for one, consider Summerhill to be our brothers: while conventional
> > education is a hundred light years from Sudbury Schooling, at least
> > Summerhill's in the same solar system...
> >
> > (I can speak only for myself, however.)
> >
> > Joe Jackson
> > Fairhaven School
> > Maryland
> >

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