Re: DSM: Consensus v. Majority Vote

Anne and Theo Julienne (
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 18:54:31 +1100

My apologies for so over-simplifying a complex issue.
BTW, several posts back, I think (but I'm not sure) that something I wrote
may have pushed this thread along. I referred to the fact that my son and I
use consensus decision-making in planning for the school we intend to start.
I thought it was a bit of a joke actually. A moment's arithmetical
inspection will reveal that consensus is equivalent to majority vote when
the number 2 imposes its formidable properties onto the situation. (Indeed,
the two are even almost equivalent to autocracy under those circumstances.
Only time allowed for discussion essentially separates the forms.)

> > It takes time, lots of time, to secure consensus-style decisions.
> > That's why
> > simple majority voting is so popular.
> That tons of legislation cannot be performed by a large group in an amount
> of time acceptable to the group is merely *one* of the reasons that many
> groups favor majority voting. There are several other reasons, some of
> which have been addressed in posts on this list over the past couple of
> days.
> -Joe

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