Re: DSM: dancing

Anne and Theo Julienne (
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:13:15 +1100

> You ask some good questions and make some good points!
You also make some good points!
> In the first year of a new school, I suspect that many parents will not
> fully understand the philosophy/methodology. It is also, of course, more
> difficult to find "experienced" kids! I agree with your six months time
> frame as a general rule of thumb. It is also true, however, that even as a
> school gets more "mature", it is impossible to totally weed out parents
> do not fully support the school's true values.
> I, too, like to take what people (kids or otherwise) say at face value. I
> then look at their behavior to see if it supports their words. Some folks
> call this "espoused values" versus "values in action". In this case, while
> their mouths said, "We want classes!" their bodies said, "Like hell we
> ~Alan
This is an interesting distinction that I will mull further on.
Thank you.

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