Re: DSM: Re: Re: About offering something (was: dancing)

Marko Koskinen (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 22:22:04 +0200

> Yes. It's the spirit and attitude in which the offering is made. Offering
> as in, "I'd like you to do this with me because I enjoy your company",
> instead of, "I'd like you to do this because I think you might benefit from
> it."

I guess this is what I ment with offering something TO children compared
to enjoying being WITH them, but Kristin and you said it more clearly.
In addition I would like to remind that children are culturally
opopressed group and when an adult "offers" something to a child, it can
be compared to slave owner offering something to a slave (maybe a bit
aggravated). My point is that children are almost totally dependable on
their parents and other adults and such a relationship can never be
totally equal. Children are also banned from the decision making
society. Though the main factor of oppression is that of "offering
something because it's for your own good" - this forces children to set
back their own initiatives and thinking. But I agree that the attitude
counts a lot.


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