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Joe Jackson (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 02:42:38 -0500

> Some minds are more open than others.
> A closed "Sudbury" mind is still a closed mind.

We've had this conversation here before, recently.

There are always ways of saying certain things about people that can make
them sound like total asses. It's called "spinning".

One way of saying that someone "believes in and sticks to principles they
have discovered and tested through their life experiences" is saying that
they are "closed-minded".

Not useful. The issue of class offerings has been discussed three trillion
times by people interested in the Sudbury Model over the last thirty years;
for someone to discover that folks have some fairly firm opinions about them
and subsequently label that as "closed-minded" attempts to negate the life
experiences and resulting found principles of "Sudbury minds" and any other
kind of mind.

If, on the other hand we are speaking of the *real* definition of someone
who is "close-minded" as someone who doesn't want to hear or consider the
ideas of others, my response is that someone who does not want to consider
the ideas of others would not only be allergic to public listserves, but
wouldn't be caught dead helping create and live in one of the only
environments in the world where the open expression of the ideas of students
is self-evident.

But I think the comment made out of frustration and was intended to spin the
perception of people who answered a little too quickly and firmly for the
questioner's taste.

Please correct me if I am wrong. :)

-Joe Jackson

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