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> Hi Anne,
> Good luck with starting a democratic, non-coercive school. One early
> experience we had at Highland might help in clarifying the coercive,
> non-coercive issue. We had parents who felt that offering courses was a
> good idea and convinced their kids (the ones with the votes) to go along
> with and propose this idea. It passed and we did it. However, since the
> classes were voluntary, many kids chose not to attend them. Some
> parents then felt that their kids' right to attend classes was being
> interfered with by the "distraction" of other noisy kids running
> around. Again the kids of those parents proposed that there be a "quiet
> time" from 9 until 11 when classes couldn't be interrupted by noise.
> This issue resulted in major battles and though I believe it passed for
> a short time was rapidly recinded. What we ended up with was a rule
> (which has stood the test of time) that the library is a quiet area. If
> people want to study quietly they can go there, but the whole school
> does not have to be quiet to support classes. Again, hope all goes well
> for your school endeavors! Candy Landvoigt

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